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Anita Flavina Dance Shoes ~ Italian Artisans Authentic Craftsmanship

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Anita Flavina Dance Shoes ~ Italian Artisans Authentic Craftsmanship

The last eighteen months has been a captivating journey for me where I have experienced an over whelming desire to embrace the world of dance and bring authentic Italian dance shoes to an international platform.  I believe my intuition and my willingness to learn brought me to where I am today in this venture.  Which to many will seem crazy, I believe it was my vision, my dream, my destiny.  I appreciated from the beginning dance shoes are a niche and I know that dance shoes artisan's are specialists and their shoes are hand crafted in a particular way.

In my quest to seek an Italian dance shoe factory I called upon the knowledge and experience of my friends in Le Marche who are always willing to help me.  Through them I connected with an Italian family who have been hand crafting dance shoes for four generations.  The Italian culture of conducting business commenced and when the factory was satisfied that I for filled the necessary credentials I was invited to meet them.

I walked into an Aladdin's cave filled with dance shoes then into the factory which I visualized was the equivalent to a dance shoes Santa's workshop.  My energies for months were focused on sourcing dance shoe artisan's.  Hence, here I was and before my eyes everything I had been searching for was presented to me.

I decided to collate this video to express the passion, power and substance of the artisans that authentically hand craft Anita Flavina Dance Shoes merge their energy with with you the dancers that creates the flow of the dance.


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