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Dance Shoes

Dance Shoes

Hand made in Italy

Luxury dance shoes for ballroom, latin and social dancing.

I am Anita, Founder and Creative of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes. In January 2016 in The Plaza Hotel, New York City I met with two international professional dancers Alek and Esther coincidentally, which to me spells fate. We were all embarking on new adventures.

I had never danced before, this world was new to me, but as soon as I entered, I was captivated. I fell in love with the world of dance. Of course this is what led to the beginning of Anita Flavina Dance Shoes.

I have been in the footwear and luxury fashion industry for thirty years, my journey in this field has brought me all over the world, however for the last ten years I have been operating my business with the Italian's and I have been blessed to spend time in Italy and become part of community life at the heart of the exquisite Italian footwear region Le Marche.

As we all know the Italians love to dance and are passionate about their footwear, dancing shoes included.

“Having been a professional dancer for over 20 years you can imagine how many different brands of shoes I’ve worn. I can honestly say that Anita’s shoes are THE most comfortable shoes I’ve ever danced in. Made with top quality fabrics they move with the flexibility of your feet while still giving the ankle support you need and the bonus is… they’re beautiful!”
Lisa Welham

Alek was in the process of launching Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Broadway, both Alek and Esther expressed to me what they needed in dance shoes especially ballroom and latin dancing shoes. While preparing my launch for Anita Flavina Ladies Luxury Italian Footwear Brand. I sourced Italian fourth generation dance shoe factories.

I grew to know them and respect their craftsmanship and work ethic.

The artisan’s I work with hand craft Anita Flavina’s collections. They work within the tradition but embrace innovation in their craftsmanship. Step by step we have expanded our collections and now we are able to offer social and professional dancing shoes.

I pay particular attention to the technical details of each shoe ensuring comfort, support and flexibility to enable our dancers to perform.

I believe it is important to connect with my dance schools, teachers, students so we can move forward with passion in achieving our goals as one. I listen to what you are seeking with regard to comfortable Italian dance shoes.

Now I understand why the words ‘Dance, dance wherever you may be’ kept coming into my mind it was and is my destiny

“Whether I’m teaching or performing I need shoes that not only look great, but also feel great and Anita Flavin’s collection are hands down the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are effortlessly elegant with a design that provides support and is also super soft, they give me the best foundation on the floor.”
Nauris Kalva
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“Made for Women of Passion, Power & Substance”